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48316Yesterday was interesting

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  • Lay, Toni (DDC)
    Nov 1, 2013

      At work, I’m ready to hand out flyers describing the difference between  medieval European clothing and Arab clothing……with pictures and words of one syllable or less.  I had several people “salaam” me yesterday.   Mundanes see a veil and they think “Arab.”  I could cry.  Next year, I’m doing Middle Eastern…on purpose!  But, at least I got lots of compliments on my outfit and some pictures.


      Riding home on the subway was fun.  On the “E,” which goes down to the Village and the Village Halloween Parade, I rode with the King of Heart and the Queen of Hearts (from the recent “Alice in Wonderland” movie).  Nice store-bought outfits, but desperately needed to be ironed, and in the case of the Queen, hemmed.  There was also a very good female zombie who went to the trouble of getting the appropriate contacts.


      On the “A” (which gets me to the Bronx) there was a very good Medusa.  She’d made the snakes from long foam curlers painted green with little red tongues.  However, she was putting on some makeup while looking into a compact mirror.  I asked her if she should be turning to stone for that.


      I must remember to bring my camera with me next year.



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