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48308Re: [ICG-D] So, what are you wearing today?

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  • Leslie Johnston
    Oct 31, 2013
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      For work it was simple - dragon print blouse and gothy jewelry. Tonight for the trick or treaters I'm doing the vampire thing: long black dress, cape from my Blood Rites outfit, makeup, fangs and all.  I actually scared a child of about 8. She shrieked and jumped back when I smiled at her and she saw my fangs.


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      I'm in my vaguely-Victorian/Steampunk, including cowboy hat with goggles.  We have a weather girl, a mostly dead, bloodied ghoul (who is a therapist!) and I caught a glimpse of a costume that I couldn't identify.
      Isaac is Mickey Mouse, and Mom & Dad are in greatcloaks with hoods to accompany him.
      I've already had too much pumpkin bread and candy.

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      I hauled out the Victorian wizard getup I assembled for the first North American Discworld convention.
      My co-workers include Princess Leia, the Pope and Peter Pan.
      The landlord is throwing a pizza lunch with costume contest an hour from now.
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      One of my co-workers has a pumpkin hat and another is wearing a devil horns barrette.  A third lady has a tiger ears barrette.  And there’s a Jedi knight running around here somewhere.

      I’m wearing one of my SCA gowns and veil.

      Happy Halloween everyone!


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