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  • ICG-D@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 1, 2013
      About the ICG-D Mailing List
      Updated 4/23/2006

      ICG-D is the official mailing list of the International Costumers Guild. It is
      intended for, but not limited to, the general membership of the ICG. Its
      purpose is to promote discussion about all aspects of costuming and costuming-
      related activities. The sick jokes, constant punning, and occasional bouts of
      silliness are just a by-product of gathering creative minds together in a
      forum such as this.

      The official mailing address is ICG-D@yahoogroups.com. While the list is
      generally unmoderated (that is to say, messages don't get checked before being
      posted to the list), the moderators of the list will not hesitate to put a
      poster on moderated status should the situation call for it.

      New members are kept on moderated status until they have posted to the list several times. This is done to prevent spammers from attacking the list. The moderators will grant full posting privileges as soon as we're sure you're not an evil nasty spammer.

      Policies of the ICG-D mailing list:

      1) No Flaming. The moderators will issue one and only one warning.
      If the flaming continues, all parties flaming will be unsubscribed.
      We expect participants to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

      2) No SPAM! Suspect addresses in subscription requests will have their
      identity verified and be removed so fast the air will crackle.

      3) No Chain Letters. I know some of them pull at your heart strings
      or have you fearing for your hard drive, but most are inaccurate
      (at best), out-of-date or fake (at worst). When given a chain letter,
      your best policy is to visit the Urban Legends page at www.snopes.com
      and see if it's mentioned out there. Odds are it will be.

      4) When you change the topic of conversation, do everyone a favor and apply
      that change to the subject line as well. Keep the subject line short. Do
      not use the subject line as the first line of your message.

      5) Every so often the list will drift off topic. The moderators' general
      belief is that there's nothing wrong with a bit of side conversation from
      time to time so long as there aren't too many on-topic discussions going
      on and being interfered with. If the side discussions are going on too
      long, the moderators will politely clear their virtual throats and ask for
      an end to things. Please do so. Moderators do terrible things when they
      get cranky.

      6) When replying to a post, please copy the pertinent parts of what you're
      replying to so that everyone gets a point of reference. Do not, however,
      copy all 500 lines of said post before replying.

      7) Please avoid one-word or one sentence replies. Make your posts meaningful.

      8) If your email account starts bouncing messages, we will make one attempt
      to correct the situation. If this attempt fails, or the bouncing returns
      after a successful restoration, your email address will be removed from
      the list. Please be aware that a number of freemail account holders such
      as Hotmail and others have limits on how much mail can be received and
      will bounce messages when that quota has been exceeded.

      9) There are several ways you can read messages on the ICG-D list:

      a) Receive individual messages to your email account
      b) Receive digests, sent in groups of 25 or in one-day packages
      c) No-email; read messages out at the ICG-D folder of Yahoo Groups

      You can contact the moderators to have your email delivery changed, but
      if you have a Yahoo Profile you can make these changes yourself (or in
      the case of the third method listed above, just go out to the site and
      read to your heart's content).

      The ICG-D list's home page is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ICG-D/

      For those of you loathe to provide any provider with personal information,
      let me point out that the Webguy's Yahoo Profile shows him to be Mr_Gengar,
      a resident of the Pokeville Vermillion Forest, and no one from Yahoo has
      called him on it yet.

      To register with Yahoo Groups, visit the main Yahoo Groups page at
      http://www.yahoogroups.com and click on "Register".

      If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

      John O'Halloran (eoin@...)
      Jeff Morris (webguy@...)
      Ann Catelli(ACatelli@...)
      ICG List/WebMasters
      ICG Home Page: http://www.costume.org
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