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48240Re: [ICG-D] Notes from the LSC3 After Program Item

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  • Carole Parker
    Sep 7, 2013
      Hello Byron:

      No, I do not have them posted on the ICG website, since my information is not official, and we do not want to give the impression of them being so. That's why I have them on my personal website rather than the ICG website. When I originally came up with this information, several costumers and I had a discussion about *where* to put the information. It was felt that if it was put on the ICG website, people might think that it was "official" information instead of being the opinions of several people. However, I believe a link still to my personal pages is on the ICG website, so people can get to it that way. We could look at putting a separate link to the masquerade information pages easily enough if people wanted it highlighted.

      BTW, if anyone sees anything that needs correcting/updating in the masquerade information, please let me know. If you see something that is currently *wrong* for these times, I would appreciate knowing about it.

      I do not claim an "copyright" to the information, so if people feel that it is worth spreading around, please do so. I am fine with mirroring the information if people want to do that.

      Until later--


      On Sep 6, 2013, at 6:40 PM, Byron P Connell <byronpconnell@...> wrote:

      > I hope you'll have these links posted on the ICG web site.
      > On Sep 5, 2013, at 2:51 PM, Carole Parker <mscip@...> wrote:
      >> I have a Masquerade pages section that I put up on my personal website incorporating information that several people had posted at some time:
      >> <http://mrbilll.users.sonic.net/Costuming/Masquerades/runners.html>
      >> As part of that, I have a Masquerade Staff listing:
      >> <http://mrbilll.users.sonic.net/Costuming/Masquerades/masqStaff.html>
      >> As part of that, I have a specific item on what a Den Parent is, and what makes a good one:
      >> <http://mrbilll.users.sonic.net/Costuming/Masquerades/FAQs/denParent.html>
      >> Again, this is information that incorporates my opinion, and information derived from others. I tried to attribute everyone who wrote, so it should be clear who was writing.
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