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47925Re: [ICG-D] RE: CC 32 room block

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  • Martin Gear
    Jun 18, 2013
      I went to the website and had no problem making a reservation for a King
      club, but had there been more than two in my party and I saw the extra
      charge I probably would have been sufficiently bummed to cancel my plans
      to come. The fact that "most Toronto hotels do this so that it is
      understood" is BS. If it isn't spelled out in your contract then it is
      garbage, and if it was in your contract then you owed it to all of us to
      publicize this fact. I just got through facing down a very upscale
      Marriott (North American Discworld Convention) that tried to slip in
      restrictions and extra charges on the grounds that "it is our hotel
      policy." I informed them of a basic tenant of contract law (at least in
      the US) that if it isn't spelled out completely, expressly forbidden, or
      a listed requirement, then it is not part of the contract and can't be
      enforced by one party against the other.

      I think that we are owed an explanation, and if the extra charge is not
      spelled out in the contract, someone needs to inform them that the rate
      is the same single, double, triple, quad and anything extra is a
      contract violation.

      FWIIW, the Mariott is charging NADWCon an extra $20 per person for more
      than one in the room. I didn't negotiate the contract (that would have
      been a deal breaker for me) but that was spelled out and has been shown
      on our website from the very beginning. I inherited the contract, but
      Marriott's attempt to slip in extra charges for using our own equipment
      (a facilities fee) and quoting two different rates for the same
      reception food two months apart ($9 upped to $20) are indicative that
      hotels are all attempting to maximize revenue and will pull anything
      they can until someone stops them.

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