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47658Election of 2013-2014 ICG officers

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  • Philip Gust
    May 20, 2013
      At the ICG Annual Meeting on May 17th, the main order of business was the election of ICG officers to serve until the 2014 Annual Meeting.

      Nominations received prior to the meeting were:

      President: Philip Gust
      Vice President Aurora Celeste
      Treasurer: Jeanine Swick
      Corresponding Secretary: Jan Price
      Recording Secretary: Kathe Gust

      All nominees agreed to serve if elected. There were no further nominees at the Members Meeting, and all of the officers were elected by a vote of the members present or represented by proxy. The ICG Board of Directors ratified the results of the election.

      You can contact any of the ICG officers at the email addresses listed on the ICG Officers and Board page of the ICG website: http://www.costume.org/officers.html.