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47278Fwd: [ArmedCostumers] Price Comparisons

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  • Byron Connell
    Dec 5, 2012


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      > From: Carole Parker <mscip@...>
      > Subject: [ArmedCostumers] Price Comparisons
      > Date: December 5, 2012 10:35:32 AM EST
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      > Someone told me that the prices at Rupert, Gibbon & Spider were
      > generally cheaper than Dharma Trading, so I did some online price
      > comparing during a case of insomnia. I also threw Thai Silks into the
      > mix for good measure.
      > When I went to the Rupert, Gibbon & Spider website, I was put on the
      > Jacquard home page.
      > For items like Habotai and Chiffon scarves that you can dye, Thai
      > Silks and Dharma Trading generally won the price battle for one of
      > something. You'll have to look at Thai Silks and Dharma's websites to
      > determine who has the cheaper price for what product you're interested
      > in.
      > For Charmeuse scarves you can dye, Jacquard's Silk Connection (fabric
      > sales) won the price battle.
      > Crepe de Chine scarves were less expensive at Dharma.
      > When it comes to fabric by the yard, however, Silk Connection
      > (Jacquard) won on price consistently on the fabrics that both vendors
      > had for cotton and rayon fabrics. I did not price compare silk
      > fabrics. Bamboo looked to be similar in pricing.
      > Both Jacquard and Dharma have natural dyes. For Cochineal, Jacquard
      > has it at $10/ounce, and Dharma has 2 oz. for $18.40, it looks like.
      > Jacquard had Madder 8 oz. jars for $6 each. Dharma has Madder 4 oz.
      > jars for $8.49, and 1 pound at $21.79, but no indication for an 8 oz.
      > jar.
      > For those that want to explore natural dyes further, Griffin Dyeworks
      > sells and has a bunch of information that will prove useful to those
      > considering natural dyes - especially those concerned about historical
      > colors and techniques: http://griffindyeworks.com/store/
      > Here's to some colorful fun!
      > Until later--
      > Carole

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