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47134Appointment of ICG Technology and Web Committee

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  • Philip Gust
    Sep 1, 2012
      I am please to announce the appointment of seven members to the ICG Technology and Web Committee:

      Ann Catelli (ICG-D and ICG-BOD administrator)
      Philip Gust (acting Webmaster)
      Bruce Mai (Gallery Administrator)
      Patrick O'Connor
      Carole Parker (Assistant Webmaster)
      Pierre Pettinger (Archivist)
      Susan Toker (Assistant Webmaster)

      The Archivist, Gallery Administrator, Webmaster, and Newsletter Editor are permanent members. The Newsletter Editor will become a member once the position is filled. I am serving as the acting Webmaster, and will also be the committee chair temporarily (any member may serve as chair).

      The Technology and Web Committee is a standing committee whose role is to promote and enable the use of online technologies and social media within the ICG. Although Chapter websites and uses of social media do not fall under the Technology and Web Committee, the Committee encourages Chapters to establish websites and use social media, and will offer advice and assistance to Chapters who want it. Chapter Webmasters are welcome to participate in committee discussions.

      Please join me in thanking these members for serving ICG in this capacity. Each brings a unique talent to the Committee. Thanks also to Kevin Roche and Andy Trembly for taking on a short-term project for the Committee to evaluate alternatives to our Yahoo Groups, such as Google Plus, in light of Yahoo's uncertainty about the long-term direction of Yahoo Groups.

      You can send comments and questions to the ICG Technology and Web Committee at icg-techcommittee@.... Please continue reporting technical issues to the webmaster at webmaster@....

      Philip Gust
      President, International Costumers' Guild
      (650) 367-7763 (phone)
      (650) 367-7652 (cell)
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