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  • Signe
    Apr 6 6:58 PM
      Yikes! That's a whole lot of alginate. 1 can is 1 pound or 454 grams. According to 3 Dimensional Makeup by Lee Baygan it takes 210 grams of alginate powder to make a life mask. So 1 can of alginate should be more than enough. Keep in mind that you are only covering the front half of the head with alginate and it just has to be thick enough to cover the skin surface. 1 can of Jeltrate alginate is about $15 from dental suppliers, like Darby Dental and Henry Schein Dental.

      I went to the Accu-Cast site recommended by Sheril, http://www.accu-cast.us/proc_head.html, which is a really great site - thanks for sharing. They recommend 2 to 3 pounds of alginate for a life mask, which is in line with what your housemate recommended, but then again, they are in the business of selling alginate. Their alginate products are about half the price of the alginate sold by dental suppliers. So although I like Jeltrate brand alginate, if I were doing a life mask, I would give Accu-Casts' alginate a try.


      > Ok, this is what my housemate told me:
      > 3 cans of the alginate stuff.
      > You will need to support the mold from the out side and plaster tape (?) is
      > about the best bet.
      > And support the ears or they get mooshed down.
      > Aurora,
      > If you want, I can get you in direct contact with him via e-mail.
      > Henry W. Osier
      > Chairman, Costume-Con 28
      > May 7 to May 10, 2010
      > www.CC28.org
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