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41462Re: [ICG-D] Head Cast

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  • Martin Gear
    Apr 3, 2009
      I second what Andy said. Plus, you can scrape it out after making the
      cast, save it in a sealed plastic bag and reuse it.


      Andrew T Trembley wrote:
      > On Mar 31, 2009, at 8:57 PM, jayenks wrote:
      > > Does anyone know of a good website that gives a great overview of
      > > alginate casting a head? Specifically, how much stuff to use? We'd
      > > like to do some head and body part casts, but we're not sure how
      > > much alginate to order, or plaster bandages to get, in order to have
      > > enough. Book references would be nice, too, if there's no websites
      > > that are good.
      > Just get a bucket of moulage. It's more than you will need, but it
      > doesn't require mixing like alginate does. It just requires mild
      > heating to liquefy it. It does require reinforcement, when it sets
      > it's more flexible than alginate.
      > andy
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