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  • ARD
    Apr 1, 2009
      Have you looked on youtube.com for 'head casting'? I don't know if you
      can find the detail you want, but people put all kinds of demos on
      youtube. I think Rob Burman has a few make-up demos there, so searching
      on his name might get you something useful.

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      > 3. Head Cast
      > Posted by: "jayenks" auroraceleste@... jayenks
      > Date: Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:58 pm ((PDT))
      > Does anyone know of a good website that gives a great overview of alginate casting a head? Specifically, how much stuff to use? We'd like to do some head and body part casts, but we're not sure how much alginate to order, or plaster bandages to get, in order to have enough. Book references would be nice, too, if there's no websites that are good.
      > Thanks,
      > Aurora Celeste
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