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38373Re: [ICG-D] Re:Future Fashion Foglio with Membership?

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  • Kevin Roche, CC26 Convention Chair
    Feb 1, 2008
      Let me be clear: WE HAVE NOT RUN OUT OF FOLIOS.

      Because some households allowed us to send single copies to multiple
      members, we had, at last count, nearly 100 still in inventory.

      Linda W., our registrar, processes the new mailings in batches, since
      she has to visit the post office in person to do the mailing, and, like
      most of us, she has a day job. If you haven't received your Folio yet
      and you completed your registration more than a couple weeks ago, drop a
      note to registration@... and she'll take care of it.


      McClure, Kate (DEX-BLV) wrote:
      > You still could make something from the Folio. We are still seeing
      > reservation requests come in, there is the single pattern competition
      > That would be nifty!
      > Let me see what I can do about the problem with the Folios.
      > Dana
      > Director FFS
      > Thanks! I appreciate the effort on my behalf.
      > Kate McClure
      > Anything can be improved with a solid maniacal laugh.
      > - M.E.
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