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36686Re:A Glitter Tale (longish) (was RE: costumerish discovery)

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jun 2, 2007
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      My own glitter tale also offered as amusement...

      When I worked on the snowflakes for my Snow Queen, I was using 4 different
      kinds/colors of glitter to get the dimensional effects I needed. The most
      insidious of the glitter was this very, very fine iridescent pink stuff. It
      was as fine as the hair spray stuff, but came in full bottles.

      It didn't mater how careful I was... the Irish Wolfhounds were taking the
      glitter into the vets office... and while I wasn't quite getting the death
      threats that Kate was... the people with show poodles were NOT amused about
      the transfer from the glittery wolfhounds.

      However, the most "dangerous" transfer was happening at work. At that time,
      I worked in an automotive warehouse as head of IS. The thing about places
      like that... there's very fine oily dust that's even nastier than glitter
      about getting into everyplace. Our department would have to disassemble
      numerous things to clean and soak components (yea, that was still the time
      when you would have an open tray of Freon to soak these things in --- oops I
      really just dated myself.) Well, combine the glitter and that oily dust...
      it's almost like glue. You can't wipe up that stuff, it almost become
      grit... but shinny grit. Add to the fact that we had all those open
      electrons around... we were always trying to get rid of the glitter and even
      cleaning it off each other --- which is more than a little funny in a macho
      automotive environment.

      So... to the best part... my assistant was 6'5", red Mohawk, much muscles,
      skull tattoos and piercing interesting enough for the fetish mags... so
      scary looking but very sweet. He was one of the main folks on glitter
      patrol... so sure enough one day he goes home... with a whole strip of pink
      glitter that we'd missed on cleanup.. (OK, that he's probably gotten from
      my sweater while we'd been fixing a mess of computer cables that day coated
      with that dust.... so it glued onto him.)

      So, he goes home.. to his new girlfriend (that has an even more interesting
      look than he does) and ever so more "interesting" hobbies. She sees the
      whole streak of glitter across shoulder and head and goes... "and how did
      you get all that glitter on you???"

      He froze in his tracks because he was more than a little bit afraid of her
      (and her hobbies) and didn't know her really well yet. He tentatively
      goes... "er.... my boss".

      Pause.... Big happy grin "Oooooo, what kind of project is she working
      on???" as she does the costume thing of checking out the glitter closely and
      noting texture and iridescence. <G>

      Turns out that the also belong to the local costumer's guild... and didn't
      always play big tough street punk.


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