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35167Re: [ICG-D] Arisia Masquerade final public report

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  • Richard A. Hill
    Feb 1, 2007
      Hmmm - well, wearing my geek fedora Sharon - I do not disagree with
      you on the mystery period - it will create the error.
      Which, ... is why last night after I clicked on the
      link (with the period that I did not notice), I also typed it in
      freehand and without a period- and got the same result - bad page
      This evening after reading your email (and feeling foolish for not
      noticing the period), I typed it in again freehand - and voila - it worked
      If you did not make any changes, then something was going on ... then
      again - it's working now and if it ain't broke ...

      As long as we can read it - I'm not complaining.

      lack of periodicals not withstanding


      At 09:26 AM 2/1/2007, you wrote:

      >Wearing my web geek hat, not my Arisia '07 Masquerade Assistant hat...
      >The problem isn't a bad pointer on the page, but email mail clients that
      >can't distinguish punctuation from URLs.
      >Jill wrote:
      > > The report can be viewed at
      > <http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007.>http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007.
      >On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Richard A. Hill wrote:
      > > Carole
      > > I also tried the link
      > <http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007>http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007
      > and got the same error
      > >
      >See the difference? ;-)
      >But I'll bet that Richard also tried to click on the link in the email,
      >not type the URL himself...
      > > I think there is a bad pointer on the page, and I will bet that
      > > shortly after this message is seen it will be found and corrected
      > >
      > > Richard the First
      > >
      >There's nothing for the web folk at Arisia to fix since the page and the
      >URL is correct.
      >This is why, when I send emails containing URLs, I'll put the URL on it's
      >own line, or in the middle of the sentence. If it has to end a sentence,
      >or have other punctuation after the URL, I'd rather leave it out, or
      >insert a space.
      >Please should test the two versions above, and if the one with the period
      >causes you to have 404 errors, then be aware of this stupid glitch, and if
      >you ever see the problem again, simply remove the period (or other
      >punctuation) from the location bar in your browser.

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