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35160Re: [ICG-D] Arisia Masquerade final public report

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  • Sharon Sbarsky
    Feb 1, 2007
      Wearing my web geek hat, not my Arisia '07 Masquerade Assistant hat...

      The problem isn't a bad pointer on the page, but email mail clients that
      can't distinguish punctuation from URLs.

      Jill wrote:

      > The report can be viewed at http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007.

      On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Richard A. Hill wrote:

      > Carole
      > I also tried the link http://2007.arisia.org/MasqueradeReport2007 and got the same error

      See the difference? ;-)

      But I'll bet that Richard also tried to click on the link in the email,
      not type the URL himself...

      > I think there is a bad pointer on the page, and I will bet that
      > shortly after this message is seen it will be found and corrected
      > Richard the First

      There's nothing for the web folk at Arisia to fix since the page and the
      URL is correct.

      This is why, when I send emails containing URLs, I'll put the URL on it's
      own line, or in the middle of the sentence. If it has to end a sentence,
      or have other punctuation after the URL, I'd rather leave it out, or
      insert a space.

      Please should test the two versions above, and if the one with the period
      causes you to have 404 errors, then be aware of this stupid glitch, and if
      you ever see the problem again, simply remove the period (or other
      punctuation) from the location bar in your browser.


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