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32343Re: [ICG-D] Workmanship Judging Considerations

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  • Steve Swope
    Jun 5, 2006
      > John Hertz
      > Other costumes of note were ... Steve
      > Swope, Catherine Peters, and Toni Narita's "Afternoon Matinee";

      Just a quick word of clarification. My handwritten credits for
      "Afternoon Matinee" were misinterpreted, and therefore incorrectly
      listed in the masquerade program (and, of course, the material
      presented to the judges).

      Cathy and I designed, built, and presented the costumes seen on stage,
      as recreations of costumes from the "Ultraman" television show.

      Tohl Narita (not Toni!) was the designer of the ORIGINAL
      Ultraman and Baltan costumes used in the television show.
      I've never even met him, but I wanted to acknowledge his
      work as a source of inspiration for Cathy's and my costumes.
      Unfortunately, this got miscommunicated. One of the SF
      periodicals even credited the non-existent "Toni Narita"
      for the ENTIRE presentation.


      Steve Swope (aka phierma@...)
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