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  • Carolyn Kayta Barrows
    May 10, 2006
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      BayCon Masquerade May 27, 2006
      San Jose Doubletree Hotel
      free hotel parking for registered BayCon attendees

      We invite everyone who will not be attending CostumeCon to enter the BayCon
      Masquerade. Although our focus is on the new costumers, and we try to make
      the experience an easy one for them, all are welcome.

      This year's theme is the Babylon 5 Ambassadorial Ball, and Stephen Furst,
      who played Emperor Vir Cotto, is going to choose the winner of the Most
      Thematic award!

      We have tweaked the BayCon Masquerade Rules a bit to make it easier to
      bring and use music or recorded sound. The rule for this should be online,
      but to summarize, the easiest way is to send an MP3 to DJ@.... In
      addition, there will be a chance to hand in MP3s or CDs to the new DJ at
      the Meet the Guests reception, and again, on Saturday, at the How to Enter
      a Masquerade panel (it might be called Masquerade 101). Please make a copy
      of whatever you hand in, and keep it with you as a backup.

      We apologize for last year's problems and hope we have solved them.

      As usual, you can turn in your entry forms at the Info Table up until 5 pm
      Saturday, but please don't wait till the last minute. Please give us as
      much time as possible to get you into the entrant database. Entry forms
      should also be available online.

      A separate Children's Masquerade is planned, possibly on Sunday (details
      TBD), so that the wee ones won't have to stay up so late on Saturday night.

      I'm actually working this Masquerade, so I can probably get you the answers
      to specific questions pretty quickly. But check the website first:
      http://baycon.org/2006/masquerade/ , http://baycon.org/2006/costuming/

      CarolynKayta Barrows
      dollmaker, fibre artist, textillian

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      )(( <> ))(
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