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30824Re: [ICG-D] name mangling (was Re: Using Ma'am and Miss)

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  • Steve Swope
    Mar 31, 2006
      zephyrsky1@... wrote:

      > Oh, *I* Don't think that my name is difficult.
      > Actually, I think that mine is one of the few Czech
      > names that sounds exactly the same way that it is
      > spelled.
      > I think that names longer than 2 syllables tend to
      > intimidate the common populace. We can't all be named
      > Smith or Jones!

      You'd be amazed how many people can't get a simple, one-syllable,
      five-letter, follows-plain-vanilla-pronunciation-rules name such
      as "Swope" right. The most common mispronunciation led me
      to have the following response ready on auto-load:

      "I sure hoop that Poop Benedict doesn't have this pronunciation

      (Let me interject here that I mean no disrespect whatsoever
      in this phrasing. It's just the only one I've found that's
      capapble of pounding a clue into prople who mispronounce it
      immediately after hearing it from me.)

      And we won't even discuss the cretins who mispronounce it
      on purpose...


      Steve Swope (aka phierma@...)
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