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26792Masquerade Claims

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  • Carole Parker
    Sep 1 12:49 AM
      On Wednesday, August 31, 2005, at 04:53 PM, Dawn McKechnie wrote:

      > As well certain masquerades touting themselves as "Worldcon
      > Equivalent",
      > i.e. The Gathering Of the Fellowship, which happend in Toronto two
      > novembers
      > ago, yet involved Non of the Toronto members of the ICG. @_@

      People/organizations can claim whatever they want to claim. No
      trademark exists for "WorldCon Equivalent," so that can't be stopped.
      It would have been interesting to see what they considered that to be.
      Since the ICG does not run WorldCon masquerades, it doesn't matter
      whether or not any ICG members were involved.

      Some large regional conventions are large enough to be the same size as
      WorldCons, but as you've seen in the anime cons, doesn't always mean
      that they're run the same way.

      Until later--

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