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26791Re: [ICG-D] Certifying Masquerades

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  • Carolyn Kayta Barrows
    Sep 1, 2005
      > >> It seems like the question of whether or not to certify masquerades as
      > >> ICG sanctioned or some such has come up.
      > >
      > > Why do masquerades need ICG certification? I must have missed
      > > something.
      >It came up from the Anime side. One of our new anime costumers asked
      >about getting a form of certification/sactioning for anime conventions
      >since WorldCon and CostumeCon are ICG recognized. It seems like one
      >possible way to attract more people to the ICG.

      Whew. I like the idea of ICG fairness Guidelines better than I like some
      random person's idea that the ICG might think it's in a position to
      sanction/certify, or withhold sanctioning/certification of, a
      Masquerade-like event.

      "But what about the ICG Code?"
      "Well, actually, they're more like guidelines..."

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