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25780Re: [ICG-D] Re: BayCon Masquerade

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  • Dany
    Jun 1 3:46 PM
      > > Workmanship Awards
      > > Open Division
      > > Honorable Mention - Gauntlets and Makeup
      > > Joseph Michael Linsner (Unfortunately, I don't know which costume this 
      > > is.)
      >    Just a guess here, but since Linsner is the artist of the Dawn
      > comic (for which the "Dawn costume contest" at Dragon Con happens
      > every year), I'd suspect he had a hand in on 'Cry for Dawn'. I could
      > be wrong, but it seems likely.

      Same character. If I looked right, she was actually recreating one of the
      first outfits she is shown wearing in the "Lucifer's Halo" series.

      -crazy enough to actually enter that contest this year.
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