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25199Re: [ICG-D] Mission Possible

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  • Betsy Delaney
    May 1, 2005
      We have to run and pick up our kids in Louisville, CO tomorrow, so I
      won't get a chance to get the competition info up on Costume-Con.org
      before our return, but I can guarantee that as soon as I have the info
      and I can get a couple of hours on the computer, I'll be uploading the
      entries and awards for each of the events.

      Photos will take somewhat longer...

      And all of this is predicated on my ability to fix my computer. The
      CD-ROM/DVD combo drive on my laptop ceased to function the day before we
      left for the con, and I will be restoring the machine to factory
      settings upon our return. Cross your fingers that I'm not going to end
      up with a very expensive paperweight after this...

      I can report one item right now, though: Please congratulate Cat
      Devereaux - the newest recipient of the ICG's Lifetime Achievement Award.

      YAY CAT!!! Way to go!


      Lay, Toni wrote:
      > <Mission Impossible theme playing in background>
      > Good morning, Costumers.
      > Your mission (and you'd better accept it) is to document in *great detail*
      > what you saw, who you saw, what you did, what they did, what you wore, what
      > they wore, and who won what at Costume Con 23.
      > A verbal (long e-mail) and visual (lots of pictures) report is expected
      > immediately upon your return (if not sooner, so bring your laptops).
      > Should any of you be captured, I get all your fabric and trim.
      > Good luck, Costumers.
      > Your computer will crash, then explode in ten seconds.
      > <Mission Impossible theme playing in background ends>
      > Toni

      Betsy R. Delaney

      http://www.hawkeswood.com/ * http://www.OutOftheBlackBox.org/
      http://www.Costume-Con.org/ * http://www.sickpups.org/
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