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  • Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
    Apr 1, 2005
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      My first car was a Toyota wagon - early 70's vintage. I once got 10 people
      in it to go to a movie. It's name was R2D2, and it died in a contest with
      a Mustang and a V W.


      At 10:15 PM 4/1/2005, you wrote:

      >I like wagons; even my little Escort wagon (from a decade ago) was a
      >pretty good hauler. Kevin, on the other hand, sees wagons as barely a
      >step above a minivan (I tried to remind him that we didn't need a sporty
      >car, we've already got motorcycles).

      "Those Who Fail To Learn History
      Are Doomed to Repeat It;
      Those Who Fail To Learn History Correctly --
      Why They Are Simply Doomed.

      "The Illusion of Historical Fact"
      -- C.Y. 4971

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