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24822Re: [ICG-D] Re: Reenactors & Vehicles

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  • Andrew Trembley
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Carolyn Kayta Barrows wrote:
      >>>That's why we have a minivan though there are only 2 humans in the
      >>>household. Costumes, cons, and driving to said cons, because flying is a
      >>That's one of the reasons I went with the PT Cruiser. The back seats fold
      >>down and are removable makes for a suprising amount of room.
      > That's why I love Volvo station wagons. They're surprisingly Tardis-like,
      > and I can sleep stretched out full length in the back.

      I like wagons; even my little Escort wagon (from a decade ago) was a
      pretty good hauler. Kevin, on the other hand, sees wagons as barely a
      step above a minivan (I tried to remind him that we didn't need a sporty
      car, we've already got motorcycles).

      So minivans were obviously right out.

      We were considering the Subaru Legacy (or Outback) wagon, but the
      headroom was iffy and the legroom between the steering wheel and the
      seat wasn't too good either.

      There are times when the hauling capacity of our Forester is
      disappointing, but with creative packing we've fit six full-size
      footlockers in it with a few boxes and duffels of loose items. Still, a
      local (15 miles or less) event can be a 2-load event (and that's with
      one of us on a motorcycle with the passenger seat loaded up too).

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