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  • Carolyn Kayta Barrows
    Apr 1, 2005
      >The small town of Beallsville is about to be taken to the big time, Michael
      >Eisner style.

      Nice piece of writing. Congratulations.

      >Ownership of Castle Blood Productions has just announced a transition plan
      >in which Michael Eisner, current "head mouse" of entertainment
      >megacorporation Disney, will take over operations for Castle Blood
      >Productions, known largely for their interactive Halloween Adventure Tours
      >(tm) that happen on a seasonal basis along Historic Route 40 in
      >Southwestern Pennsylvania.
      >Eisner, who announced his planned departure from Disney this past week, is
      >excited about the challenge of working with a new corporation despite its
      >considerably smaller scale of operation.
      >"I'm looking forward to the challenge of making a destination out of a
      >relatively-unknown town with a small population . There will be a 10-year
      >plan and we hope to kick off 2010 as the 'Castle Blood Decade,' with major
      >expansion into resort properties that are a fully-immersive experience. The
      >market for Halloween year-round is such an untapped market, and we can
      >really capitalize on it with the Castle Blood Method as the core principle
      >for our projects," said Eisner during a press conference from his private
      >yacht anchored just offshore of the Isle of Lucie in the Caribbean Sea.
      >In addition to the haunted attraction, Castle Blood Productions currently
      >produces props, costumes, and even entire haunted houses for professionals
      >in the entertainment industry. Because of current non-disclosure agreements
      >with his current employers, Eisner could not confirm rumors that
      >previously, Castle Blood Productions had been contacted for a major
      >rennovation of all four of the Disney properties' famous "Haunted Mansion"
      >attractions featured at the theme parks in Orlando, Anaheim, Paris, and
      >Tokyo, as well as a franchised version of the attraction to operate at an
      >amusement pier in Asbury Park, NJ.
      >"We're thrilled to be working with Mr. Eisner," comments Alec "Ricky" Dick,
      >co-owner of Castle Blood Productions and the company's living icon, Gravely
      >MacCabre. "We knew that he had what we wanted in a CEO, and honestly feel
      >that he'll be the best Non-Disney addition to an already great and talented
      >Karen Dick, co-owner of Castle Blood Productions, was unavailable for
      >comment due to tightened security regulations on overseas aircraft.
      >Representatives promised to collect a statement after her arrival in Peru,
      >where she plans to gather data for a yet-to-be-named project related to
      >both domestic and international operations of Castle Blood Productions.
      >Among things on the "short list" for the next five years of Castle Blood
      >are the acquisition of the land and mineral rights for the town of
      >Beallsville and some yet-unnamed surrounding communities, the re-opening of
      >a local hotel and accompanying cottage homes as the company's first resort
      >community, and research and development for the world's first haunted
      >attraction water park, which will boast the claim that "You've never been
      >so wet and scared in all of your life."
      >"Water and spooky stuff just naturally go together. I don't know why
      >somebody hasn't thought of this angle before," says Eisner.
      >Why make the announcement now, nearly six months from the opening of the
      >seasonal attraction?
      >"Simple," says Dick. "We are doing our best to push haunted entertainment
      >to the forefront, making it in the minds of our customers twelve months a
      >year. That, and what better day to make such an announcement than the
      >ninety-first day of the calendar year?"
      >We couldn't agree more! Best of luck to Castle Blood Productions and its
      >new CEO.
      >--Avril Folle, A.P. Entertainment Staff Writer
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