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22231Teddy Roosevelt

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  • Bruce & Nora Mai
    Nov 1, 2004
      While the "Arsenic & Old Lace" references are apt, I would have thought the
      "Rough Rider" allusion would have tipped you off sooner.
      You know, history over theater.

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      From: "Scott & JoAnn Abbott" <bubblemum@...>
      > For those of us shy a clue on this one, who or what is "TR"?
      > Steve Swope (aka phierma@...)
      I didn't know who they were talking about either Steve, until that email
      about digging a canal in the basement. If he starts running up stairs
      yelling "CHARGE!" at the top of his lungs and blowing a bugle at odd hours,
      do >not< accept any offers of wine from his two maiden aunts. It would
      JoAnn in VA