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1778Re: [ICG-D] FW: Sad News - Poul Anderson

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  • mscip@inreach.com
    Aug 1, 2001
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      > I thought this forwarded message might be of interest to some of you on this
      > list. I know Poul has been an inspiration to many of us.
      > --Julie Z. S.
      > -----
      > FW:
      > Poul Anderson has left Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley and is in hospice care
      > at the Anderson home in Orinda.

      Just a thought for anyone that lives near the Anderson's and wants to do
      *something* useful for them. This goes on the thinking that Karen has limited
      energy, and she probably doesn't really want to cook.

      Make some single-serve dishes that can be kept in the freezer and heated up.

      If you know them well enough to take food over to them, you probably know what
      they like or can eat. Then again, when in doubt, call and ask. You wouldn't
      believe how helpful this is to someone in this situation. I speak from
      experience on this one.

      I've worked with a couple of buddies to help provide a week's worth of dishes,
      both lunch and dinner, and it spread the preparation load around.

      It was also greatly appreciated by the people in the situation.

      Until later--

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