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17260Re: [ICG-D] Top Ten

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  • Lisa A Ashton
    Jan 31, 2004
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      Dear Ricky--

      WOW! I have never been so flattered in my time costuming, as to be
      included on your list of costumers to be considered, um, "archival".
      Being mentioned in the same paragraph as Brian is exhilarating,

      Since we are contributing our "Top 10", here are my heroes (not in any
      particular order, since I admire them for completely different aspects of

      Jacqui Ward--she was my first costuming hero, who started me in to being
      a real junkie. I wanted my costumes to be like hers, definitely started
      me on my obsession with detail)
      Ricky and Karen Dick
      Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
      Carol Salemi (sheesh, she does EVERYTHING)
      Brian Healey (we are not worthy)
      Animal X (innovative and fearless)
      Janet Anderson
      Daren Bost
      Barb Schofield
      Gypsy Ames

      There are loads of others including the Swopes, the McDermotts, the Mais,
      but I'm just much more familiar with East Coast Costumers. I have photo
      albums full of stuff, from the past 15 years. It's truly overwhelming.

      And, like Carole, I would happily pay $30-$40 for a DVD set including the
      historic interviews.

      Yours in costuming, Lisa A.
      only 2 weeks to go before the Czech Republic

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