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1577Re: [ICG-D] New Simplicity Patterns

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  • Susan Stringer
    Jun 30, 2001
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      > I used the "pants" pattern (slops! they're slops!) for the bottom half of
      > a suit I made to go to a friend's fantasy Renaissance wedding, and it
      > turned out great. I think it's a user-friendly pattern (the instructions
      > are less so, but what the hey), although I was slightly taken aback at
      > the realization of how much fabric was involved.

      Hi Bruce! I'm glad to hear that someone else has made them. I bought the
      patterns, but haven't made anything from them yet. In my rental shop, we
      call the "pants", "leggings" because rental clients in this area will not
      wear "tights" and "slop's fo' hogs" so we just don't go there.

      Wait until you guys see all the new "Renaissance" costumes that will be
      commercially available this Halloween. They will make your purist hearts
      quake in revolution. I'm stocking them because my clients are none to
      bright and any long dress with laces on it and a funny hat must be
      historical, even if it is made out of stretchy crushed velvet with vinyl
      inserts to hold the laces. Once upon a time I kept my copy of "Pictorial
      History" out where I could show people what was and was not correct for the
      costumes they were choosing. After a few dozen dim witted high schoolers
      mistreated my book, I hid it in the back before any of the pages were
      severely damaged. Plus, most rental clients wouldn't be able to tell the
      difference between Historically Correct and Cecil B. Demil (Spelling?) or
      these mass produced Halloween costumes.

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