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1573Re: [ICG-D] New Simplicity Patterns

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  • bruce briant
    Jun 29, 2001
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      Hey everybody--

      Way back on 6/1, Susan Stringer posted a message about new patterns from
      Simplicity (then Bruno (armyofdorkness, good one!) and Lisa and Janice,

      I used the "pants" pattern (slops! they're slops!) for the bottom half of
      a suit I made to go to a friend's fantasy Renaissance wedding, and it
      turned out great. I think it's a user-friendly pattern (the instructions
      are less so, but what the hey), although I was slightly taken aback at
      the realizatiion of how much fabric was involved.

      After building a Fantasy Fashions doublet for my top half, I read the
      Simplicity doublet instructions. While the directions are actually pretty
      good, this is not an attractive doublet and would require moderate to
      major tweaking. IMO, it is one step up from bad Halloween costuming.

      I think it's worth buying for the earlier Tudor doublet, but not for the
      Renaissance doublet.

      Bruce B.

      "It's kind of neat to do the impossible."
      Walt Disney

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