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14060BayCon Masquerade

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  • mscip@inreach.com
    May 26, 2003
      Hello All:

      Unfortunately, I don't have the results of the BayCon masquerade.

      It appears that the west coast may be on an upswing. The masquerade had more
      audience than I have seen in a long time. The room was filled to bursting, and
      they had to keep bringing out more chairs for all the people. A few people
      were left standing.

      The BayCon masquerade had 25 entries, but one had to drop out because it was
      a small who had to go to bed before the delayed masquerade started.

      The quality of the masquerade was greatly improved over previous years. The
      costumer that impressed me the most was an entry known as Vortex. I'm not sure
      if he was from a comic book, but the level of his costuming skills were very
      impressive. A furry beastie with mechanical wings that worked properly and
      well. The level of detail was very good, with a full face mask, and a proper
      walk for the beast. The only thing I would *slightly* ding him for is speech
      from the stage.

      Several entries were walk on, do a fashion turn, and walk off. These were all
      appropriate for their costumes. A few entries overstayed their welcome.

      A fun presentation for a large group was the One Ring Circus. A group of 12 or
      15 people (estimate not actual count) in LoTR costumes did an excellent group
      presentation that got everyone seen in a fun way. I recognized some of these
      costumes from ConJose masquerade. It was a fun presentation.

      One presentation that did not have good costuming was a Comedia presentation
      based on the RenFaire Comedia del Arte style with a Star Trek satire. The only
      reason why they semi-worked was because they were RenFaire experienced actors
      and knew how to project their voices. However, if you were not in the path of
      their voices, you did not hear anything. It was cute, but I, personally, would
      not have given them any kind of award.

      Overall, a good quality masquerade. I'm hoping that someone has pictures to
      post of it.

      Until later--

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