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1381Re: [ICG-D] Re: New Simplicity Patterns

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  • Jeff & Susan Stringer
    Jun 5, 2001
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      > It still didn't work out, since their wholesale rate was higher than the
      > loss-leader prices fabric stores offer at special event sales several
      > per year.
      > Randall

      I'm so glad to hear that someone else knows what a "Loss-Leader" is! I've
      overheard people in fabric stores complaining about the high costs of
      patterns and all but calling the fabric store clerks a bunch of thieves
      because they think that stores buy those patterns for just a dollar or two
      each. Those $1.99 pattern sales would always get me to make a special trip
      to the store and I used to buy lots of fabric to go with them because I KNEW
      the store was taking a loss on the patterns. Now that we are down to just
      the one Hancock's in town, they have raised the prices on all their
      merchandise. They no longer carry any of the cheep thread, the sale tables
      are a joke, and a full half of the store is Drapery and Home interior. I no
      longer feel sorry for them at all. Now I drive over there with my mother or
      a girl friend, I buy 5 patterns and she buys 5 patterns and we leave with 2
      different sizes of each of the patterns that I want. If I want more than 5
      styles, we go back the next day. I know that's horrid, but I lost my warm
      fuzzy feelings for Hancock's about 4 store managers ago.

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