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1374Re: [ICG-D] Re: New Simplicity Patterns

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  • randwhit@aol.com
    Jun 4, 2001
      In a message dated 6/1/01 4:48:19 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
      bruno@... writes:

      > Wow! I just posted that msg. I've shown it to several people and we all
      > think it's a woman. Check out the eyebrows, they're pencilled on. Imagine
      > the face without the false beard. It's a woman.

      Shakespeare in Love: the Previous Generation?

      I received a letter a couple of weeks ago that McCalls has bought out

      This probably makes no difference to the average customer, but it may make
      for some significant changes for wholesale purchasers. Butterick had been the
      only one of the Big Guys who was willing to sell me patterns at wholesale
      rates without making me purchase the honking big desk catalog.

      It still didn't work out, since their wholesale rate was higher than the
      loss-leader prices fabric stores offer at special event sales several times
      per year.

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