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1351Re: [ICG-D] Re: New Simplicity Patterns

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  • Katherine Jepson
    Jun 1, 2001
      bruno@... wrote:
      > Wow! I just posted that msg. I've shown it to several people and we all
      > think it's a woman. Check out the eyebrows, they're pencilled on. Imagine
      > the face without the false beard. It's a woman.
      > Bruno

      Hmm. I dug the patterns out again for a critical look. The legs still
      look masculine to me, but the hands are small -- big hands are usually a
      dead giveaway for female impersonators. The eyebrows are definitely odd.
      It's a pity they don't credit the model.

      I noticed that mainstream pattern companies are still scared of codpieces
      -- the Renaissance patterns don't have one either.

      Thank you for your kind words about CC19. I'm glad you had a good time.
      A post-convention cold has knocked me on my tail (which is why I'm
      hanging around reading postings at all hours); I hope you avoided
      exposure to the virus.

      -- Katherine
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