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1344New Simplicity Patterns

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  • Jeff & Susan Stringer
    Jun 1, 2001
      Whoa Hoo Guys & Gals!
      Has anyone seen the new Simplicity Costume patterns?  All I can say is I just bought both of the new King Henry the VIII patterns and the Arthur and Merlin pattern (I think I have the older, nicer Lady's Camelot dress pattern - gotta go look before I buy more).  They have a beautiful new line of "Theater Costumes" for Music Man and other Turn of the Century outfits including nice Victorian Men's suits.  Naturally, none of these are tailored or as nice as the garments produced from the Past Patterns people, but they are WAY less expensive (at Wal-Mart, they are 1/2 price everyday) and are simplified down to the basic form which is good enough for most modern audiences.  Besides, if you have these patterns to get the general shape of the garment, you can STILL use your good old Past Patterns to do the tweaking and detailing.  These come in modern sizes S,M,L or XL, XXL.   Everything is up on the web at http://www.simplicity.com/s2b.htm  if you wanna see what's up before you go out.
      By the way, I got some washable chainette fringe from Such-a-deal.com and it was wonderful!  Unfortunately, they are having trouble getting the washable type from the mill.  Apparently, because it is a bit stiffer and not as soft and swingy as the other kind, there is not a high demand for it.  Most people who buy fringe get it for home decorating, not costuming.  So, everyone get out there and demand Machine Washable fringe before it becomes a thing of the past!
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