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  • Ricky & Karen Dick
    May 1 10:07 AM
      Carl, I have some ideas for a few themed disks that maybe could eventually
      be produced.

      I'd be happy to send you lists to get the ball rolling.
      I don't think it needs to be all winners only, and don't even think the
      giving out of awards should be included.

      wouldn't this be a great tool to try to get into the hands of the events
      director for as many cons as possible? It could be used at Half time, or
      even a panel unto itself, like Carols slide show.

      A great way to promote the ICG as well as CC as teaching entities. If you
      gave them to con coms, and didn't charge, I doubt you'd be in violation of
      anybodies release forms, as you could claim that they are for promotional use.

      And since we've talked about it here, is there anyone on the list that
      doesn't know what the interview tape from 1987 is?
      or that it even exists?

      what a cool/sad/interesting time capsule of costuming.


      At 11:08 AM 5/1/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >This something I have tried to do in the past but to do it takes the
      >opinions of several people to make the show worth watching not just my ideas
      >of whets good (not all had a best in show)
      >Moving the archives to disk is making this type of show easier to do.
      >I am working on a form of this for CC-22
      >Had one for CC-21 but no time to show it.
      >Did a small one for Arisia with Pierre & Sandy as the subjects
      >as well as an interview tape.
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      >From: "Ricky & Karen Dick" <castleb@...>
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      >Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 10:52 AM
      >Subject: Re: [ICG-D] Half Time
      > > Having a video masquerade retro competition would sound like a good idea,
      > > but as we know most masq. videos suck.
      > > NOT the video guys fault, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find any
      > > winners who truly feel their costumes look the way they'd like on video,
      > > especially in a competition.
      > > BUT, Masq videos are fun to watch, and a past greats video would be fun
      > > Halftime entertainment. AT Lunacon they play cartoons. Maybe they'd be all
      > > set to play costume videos instead.
      > > at CC its a natural, and would be a way for the newbies to sort of have
      > > access to the archives by seeing the stuff shown on a big screen once in a
      > > while.
      > >
      > > Don't run the full thing from any one show, but put together highlight
      > >
      > >
      > > Carl, these ideas prove one thing.
      > > You're a good archivist. and I'm sure everyones gratefull to you for the
      > > ICG Archives, just as we are to Betsy for running the CC archives for
      > >
      > > but good archivists live with and dwell on the past, to protect our
      > > and you do.
      > >
      > > but most of us in practice are already way past them and on to the next
      > > thing.
      > >
      > > another quote from Animal X from the tape you made in the 80's,
      > > why do you do this? ...................Because I have to.
      > >
      > > Ricky
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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