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1193RE: motion to change the name of the archives

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  • McClure, Kate
    Apr 2, 2001
      > On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, C. D. Mami wrote:
      > > I hereby move to change the name of the ICG archives from the Patrick
      > Kennedy Momerial Library to the Patrick and Peggy Kennedy Memorial
      > Library.
      > > Thank you
      > > Carl Mami (archivest- editor of the Quarterly and member of the board
      > from the sick pups)
      > >
      I think this is a wonderful idea! My for of 'Yea' is hereby cast!

      Kate McClure
      Known as StitchWitch
      May soon be known as Frau Vilda Leusch - Secretary, Hus Leornian - AAGHH
      Grand Pooh-Bah, Beyond Reality Costumer's Guild

      The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the
      fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.
      - Einstein, 1934
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