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  • ICG-D@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 2, 2001
      Lasted updated: 10/15/2000

      For ICG business:

      webmaster@... For items about the web pages
      listmaster@... For items or issues about the mailing lists
      icg@... For anything else

      The following also work:


      They all go into a single mailbox, but using a specific address
      makes my sorting easier.

      Side note: I sort the Mailing Lists based on the Subject, ie:
      [ICG-L], [ICG-BOD], etc. I check my inbox on a regular basis,
      but not the mailing lists. Please don't assume I'll see a
      message quickly just because it's posted to a mailing list
      or is forwarded while still containing the mailing list name.

      Please note: costume is NOT plural and the top level domain is ORG.

      My personal mail address:

      ICG business messages will be forwarded back to the ICG account
      for answering from there.


      Please note: The top level domain is ORG

      Note: The account icg@... is a archival account which
      I check every few months. So don't bother sending anything
      there. Hmmm, need to get that moved too.
      <currently not archiving>

      If you really need to get in touch with me in a hurry:

      Home Phone: 510-713-9519, till midnight, pacific, GMT -8

      If you want to send me hardcopy:

      36024 Cabrillo Drive
      Fremont, CA 94536

      John O'Halloran
      ICG Web/ListMaster
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