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10449Re: [ICG-D] Canadian Considerations

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  • Alix Jordan
    Feb 2, 2003
      Dear Carole:

      >While you may (or may not) be used to it, this is the first time that I am
      >entering Canada for a convention and not a family trip. Let us say that I
      >doing research and trying to find out all the possibilities before I come

      I haven't crossed the border since CostumeCon 7. I am not used to
      these rules, but I get everything from Jacqui and Barb so all my costumes
      are marked. Every year or so I go to customs and pick up the latest form.
      If you fill out the forms; make numberous copies (always keep the
      originals), take photos to go with the copies, and get customs at the
      airport to stamp them, on the day that you are leaving, they you should be
      okay. If you are crossing by car, you get it stamped on your side of the
      border just before you cross over.


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