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1028Re: [ICG-D] Digest Number 118 Airport Security

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  • carole@falconer.vip.best.COM
    Feb 3, 2001
      > I think I have the best stopped-at-the-metal-detector story yet. It
      > happened on the way home from Australia. After unloading everything I could
      > possibly have on me of metal, the sensor still beeped. The attendant ran
      > her wand over me several times, still beeping. Finally she said to me,
      > "Sorry, honey, but I'll bet you're wearing an underwire bra, right?" Right!
      > There's a lesson there somewhere, and it frightens me.
      It means that they had their system set to hypersensitive. Probably in an
      attempt to pick up some of the exotic metals that some weapons use.

      Until later--

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