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9906Re: Martin Gear, RIP

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  • Philip Gust
    Jul 18, 2013
      Thanks for getting this started, Byron. I met Marty, only once, at Costume-Con 30 in Tempe. I wish that I could have spent more time with him because he was someone who had a lot of lessons to teach.

      The one thing I remember clearly was when we were first introduced. He looked me up and down sternly and said that he heard I was running for ICG President that year. I had heard stories and was more than a little nervous. Then he broke in to a smile and said that he guessed that I hadn't run fast enough.

      I have a feeling that I wasn't the first person that he tried that one on. Unfortunately, I was the last, and I'm deeply saddened to realize that.

      Since Marty is associated with masquerades, perhaps something related to that would be appropriate. The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild occasionally gives a "Rising Star" award to recognize a novice who shows exceptional promise. Kathe won the award exactly 10 years ago at our first masquerade, and I think that it made a strong impression on her.

      Perhaps we could institute a similar award that we might dub the "Marty." The award would recognize a novice or a young adult at one of the International masquerades who shows exceptional promise as demonstrated by a combination of workmanship and performance, and who would benefit from our encouragement. There could even be a page on the ICG website to show past "Marty" recipients. It would be interesting to look back later to see what they've done since then.

      Any comments on this idea, or other ideas for ways we might honor Marty and his contribution to the costuming community?

      --- In ICG-BOD@yahoogroups.com, Byron Connell <byronpconnell@...> wrote:
      > As you may have heard, Marty Gear died today. In addition to his many other contributions to the costuming community, for which we honored him as the second recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award (in 1991), he was one of the founders of the ICG and served as its Executive Director from its establishment in 1985 until our incorporation in 1989.
      > Perhaps more than anyone else in our community, Marty was responsible for bringing masquerades and other costumed stage events to their present state.
      > I ask that the Board take appropriate action to honor him in his passing. We did so, for example, with the loss of Pat and Peggy Kennedy by naming our archives The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archive. We should do something equally significant for Marty. I would be proud to co-sponsor any appropriate Board resolution.
      > Byron Connell
      > President
      > New Jersey-New York Chapter
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