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Re: TIB_Date control is all black

Jason, Thanks for your reply. I ended up replacing the TIB_Date components with TIB_DateTimePicker. This resolved the problem, but the way TIB_DateTimePicker
Apr 25

Re: Grid and boolean indicators

Hi Marcin, Sorry for the delay in responding to these questions. The FBooleanIndicators variable is a global variable in the interface section of IB_Grid.pas
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Apr 24

Re: TIB_Date control is all black

Phil, I'm not entirely sure what could be causing this. Is it still causing your problems? I could perhaps do a remote desktop session and take a look
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Apr 24

Re: Where Clause in LookupCombo causes Multiple rows in singleton se

Florian, Have you figured things out here yet? Sorry I didn't get a response out sooner. Have you put a SQL trace monitor in your app and gotten the exact SQL
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Apr 24

Re: Memory leak with IBObjects components ?

Phil, I would very much like to look into this. You may want to do an Unprepare of your query from time to time as this should deallocate any memory usage. For
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Apr 22

XE8 support is done but my server is down

All, I have had XE8 support done for a while now, but my community web server is currently under hardware failure. If anyone needs it please send me a private
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Apr 21

Re: TIB_Date control is all black

As followup, I have done more testing on this problem. I created a simple form in a stand-alone application in which I copied the actual components used in the
Apr 16

TIB_Date control is all black

I have been using this TIB_Date component for years. Something changed in an application that causes all the TIB_Date components to be totally black unless the
Apr 15

Grid and boolean indicators

Hello Jason Could you consider making FBooleanIndicators object public and accessible for other units. Sometimes I need to use own boolean indicators and I
Marcin Bury
Apr 14

Where Clause in LookupCombo causes Multiple rows in singleton select

I have a query with a few "normal" fields plus two IDs which are populated using TIB_LookupCombos. At first, both LookupCombos simply selected all data from
Apr 12


Yes, I did make the exceptions more uniform between the native IBO and the TDataset based datasets. Good to hear from you! Jason ... From:
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Apr 9


I have code like " if E is EIBO_ISCError and ((E as EIBO_ISCError).SQLCODE = -803) then " in a TIBOTable PostError event. This code worked till IBO 5.3.3. I
Thierry Holtzmann
Apr 9

Memory leak with IBObjects components ?

Hello IBObjects Support, I've been using the IBO Service Framework for a project that uses CopyCat and IBObjects to replicate data. I noticed that memory usage
Apr 2

Re: Suddenly Invalid Blob ID in datapump routine

Hi, Jason: Long time, no talk. Hope all is well with you and your family. Below my signature is the code and the relevant info: Using FB 2.5.2, IBO 5.3.5 1996
Chuck Belanger
Apr 1

Re: Suddenly Invalid Blob ID in datapump routine

Hi Chuck, What version of IBO are you using? Jason ... From: IBObjects@yahoogroups.com [mailto:IBObjects@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015 10:29 PM
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Apr 1
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