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FW: IMLS Museum Grants for African American History and Culture Audio-Conference/Thursday, December 4th

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  • Ryan, Niki
    Niki Ryan Administrative Assistant Illinois Association of Museums 1 Old State Capitol Plaza Springfield, IL 62701 217/524-6977
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      Niki Ryan

      Administrative Assistant

      Illinois Association of Museums

      1 Old State Capitol Plaza

      Springfield, IL   62701





      From: Twinet Kimbrough [mailto:tkimbrough@...]
      Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 4:19 PM
      Subject: IMLS Museum Grants for African American History and Culture Audio-Conference/Thursday, December 4th

      The Institute of Museum and Library Services invites you to participate in a national audio-conference call on Thursday, December 4th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  This call will provide an opportunity to hear our program staff discuss the Museum Grants for African American History and Culture program.  Callers can register to ask questions or they can simply listen to the conversation. 


      We strongly encourage you to participate in this call if you plan to apply for the January 15, 2009 deadline.




      Date of Call: Thursday, December 4, 2008
      Time of Call: 2:00 PM Eastern Time
      Participant Dial-In Number: 1-800-603-9527
      Conference ID# 72454167


      As you may know, all grant applications to this program must be submitted through Grants.gov in 2009.  Listed below are some suggestions to assist you with this process if you plan to apply for one of these grant awards:





      1. Register early! Go to www.grants.gov/applicants/get_registered.jsp. This process may take up to two weeks to complete, and may take longer if your organization does not have a DUNS number. You must have a DUNS number to register with Grants.gov. If you registered last year, please note that you must renew each year.  Go to www.ccr.gov/Renew.aspx.


      1. You may wish to designate more than one Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for your organization when you register. This will help to avoid last minute crises in the event that a single AOR is unavailable when you are ready to submit your application. This person might not be the same person that you list as the Authorized Representative for IMLS.


      1. Log onto Grants.gov and start working on your grant application NOW. Do not wait until the last week before the application deadline to begin the submission process particularly if you are not familiar with Grants.gov. It may take up to 48 hours to receive notification that your application has been both received and validated after submission. Give yourself enough time to make corrections, if necessary, and resubmit before the grant deadline.


      1. Download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your computer for best results. Currently, Grants.gov only supports versions 8.1.1 and later. If you are working with a “track changes” tool while writing your application, be sure to accept all changes and save the document before submission to Grants.gov.


      1. All documents must be submitted in PDF format. Follow the instructions in the IMLS Grant Guidelines to convert your MS Office documents like Word and Excel to PDF: www.imls.gov/pdf/PDFConversion.pdf. Start practicing the conversion of Word, Excel and other types of documents into the PDF format.  If you are new to this process, you may need time to learn how to do this smoothly and avoid frustration as the deadline nears.


      1. Avoid scanning your documents when possible—this creates a very large file that makes your application more cumbersome to manage, and the large files may not be processed properly. Whenever possible, utilize the “conversion to PDF” instructions noted above.


      1. Use Internet Explorer for your browser when submitting the application to Grants.gov. Mozilla Firefox is not currently compatible with this process.


      1. Do not email, fax, or mail applications or any part of an application to IMLS.  We can only accept application documents that are submitted and successfully validated by Grants.gov.


      1. The IMLS Grant Program Guidelines contain extensive instructions and hints to help you with this entire process. Please make time to read through these materials as well as the information provided at www.grants.gov. You will be more likely to receive the assistance you need, if you begin by taking the time to familiarize yourself with the basic instructions and guidance provided through these sources.


      1. Contact Grants.gov help (www.grants.gov/help/help.jsp or 1-800-518-4726) for assistance with the following:


      Hardware and software issues

      Registration issues

      Technical problems with attachments


      Contact your IMLS Senior Program Officer (Christopher Reich: creich@... or (202) 653-4685) or Program Specialist (Twinet Kimbrough: tkimbrough@... or (202) 653-4703) for assistance with the following:



      Eligibility questions

      Content, budget, timeline (schedule of completion) questions


      NOTE: Grants.gov help is not available on weekends.  IMLS Program staff is rarely available on weekends either.


      Remember that this is a new process for everyone and you are not alone.  We hope these hints help you to avoid unexpected frustration and disappointment.  Many applicants have found this to be a smooth process when the instructions are followed carefully.




      Twinet G. Kimbrough

      Museum Program Specialist

      Institute of Museum and Library Services

      1800 M Street, NW / 9th Floor

      Washington, DC   20036-5802

      Phone: 202/653-4703 / Fax: 202/653-4608


      visit our website at www.imls.gov



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