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  • dlewisarfm@aol.com
    Dave, There are a lotta options.? Debby and I are researching this topic ourselves actually.??? She tends to like some of the organizations like GuideStar and
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 30, 2008

      There are a lotta options.  Debby and I are researching this topic ourselves actually.    She tends to like some of the organizations like GuideStar and the like, however I prefer PayPal. 

      PayPal DOES charge a bit more than some of the other online payment options (it's a floating scale based on the amount of the transaction) but they alos offer the most options.  We are able to use our account for both collecting "donations" and also collecting revenue from our gift shop, tours, and special events.  PayPal also offers the greatest flexibility on how and what the payment-interface looks like.  It's important to us that it's simply a "Pay/Donation Here" button on OUR site, as opposed to taking visitors to another site.   Being the largest online collector of funds, many already have PayPal accounts and are used to (and comfortable with) using PayPal -- as opposed to other options.   And also PayPal accepts a visitor's credit card without them needing to register and sign up for an account -- again, unlike some other options out there.

      In the end, we decided to "experiment" with PayPal handling our online  payments for our recent Fire Museum Seminar and were quite pleased.  We haven't (thus far) added the payment/donation option to our website but we're seriously thinking about it. .... 

      Please we'd love to hear others thoughts and experiences

      - David -
      David Lewis, Curator
      Aurora Regional Fire Museum

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      I've worked with a foundation that used JustGive.org.  They take a 3% fee.  I often use this site to donate myself because I can do so without getting on all sorts of mailing lists I don't want to receive.
      Take care,
      Elise Fulara
      Independent Consultant

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      If you sign up with Network for Good, not contractually, but on their website, you will receive emailed newsletters on things like online giving and using email to solicit donations.
      Jane Nicoll

      Archivist, Park Forest Historical Society
      Director, 1950s Park Forest House Museum
      Virtual Exhibit at www.parkforesthisto ry.org
      Park Forest, IL 60466
      parkforesthistory1@ yahoo.com

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      Subject: [IAM_ListServ] Online Giving
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      I wondered if any of you had experience and or recommendations regarding online donations. My museum is investigating our options and I am curious as to any comments or cautions related to this. Also, wondered if anyone has had experience with guidestar.org or networkforgood. org.

      Dave Oberg
      Geneva History Center

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