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History Needs Your Help!

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  • Everingham, Karen
    Dear Friends: Our colleagues in Delphi, Indiana, suffered a terrible lose due to a heartless vandal who clearly has no respect for people or property. On
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008
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      Dear Friends:


      Our colleagues in Delphi , Indiana , suffered a terrible lose due to a heartless vandal who clearly has no respect for people or property.  On Sunday 08.31.2008, a fire was set to and completely destroyed a replica canal boat that the Wabash & Erie Canal Association had recently opened in their outdoor interpretive area.  This all volunteer organization now needs help to rebuild.  I’ve attached their recent emails below, so you can determine how you can assist their worthy efforts.


      Thank you for your time and consideration








       * * * * *

      Mark S. Harmon, Director

      Gaylord Building Historic Site

      200 W. 8th Street

      Lockport, IL  60441

      815.588.1100 – voice

      815.588.1101 – fax



      The Gaylord Building is a National Trust Historic Site managed by the Canal Corridor Association, which is the coordinating entity of the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor.   For more information about the Gaylord Building , please visit http://www.canalcor.org/gaylord/index.html


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      From: Canal Center [mailto:admin@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 9:39 PM
      To: mccain@...
      Subject: CANAL UPDATE -- we will start rebuilding


      The police have identified the culprit that did this to us.


      By Dawn's early light.jpg

      by dawn's early light last Sunday



      Now join with us as we rebuild and expand in Delphi’s Canal Park .  We have a dream -- it involves everyone enjoying


      We will rebuild and get stronger as progress comes and volunteers engage in completing our many projects.  You ain't seen nothing yet.  There are many more outdoor exhibits to come.  Ask for details 765-412-4308

      Pledge your support -- get involved by             volunteering, donating money or supplying materials.

      Wabash & Erie Canal Association, 1030 West Washington St. , Delphi , IN 46923




       BELOW EMAIL RECEIVED ON 08.31.2008





      By dawn's early light


      Early this morning vandals invaded our Canal Park and torched our "just completed" playground canal boat.  By dawn's early light I was called out of bed by the Delphi Police saying that I better come to assess the damage to our boat.


      Riding on a sea of blood, sweat and tears


      Sometime around 5 am Sunday, August 31st the fire started on the rear deck of this beautiful full scale canal boat.  Our many volunteers have worked hundreds of hours since February when we started the bow section.   It was our "pride and joy" -- it was the kid's favorite outdoor venue.



      We started construction last winter working at Ed Gruber's barn west of Delphi where we enjoyed a different kind of "heat".  The kind that you back up to keep warm.  Ed has a wood stove in the workshop where we began this tedious process of assembly.



      As the frame grew in sections we brought them to Canal Park and began the on-site construction "one piece at a time" until last week when the volunteer crew declared it completed -- except for painting.  This 72 foot long playground item literally represents "blood, sweat and tears"  by dozens of volunteers. 



      Now for us it is kind of like getting thrown off a horse -- we will want to pick ourselves up and go at it again!  Help us in any way you might with donations, labor or love for our canal endeavors.  We are not sure at this time if it is covered by insurance.


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