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1950s Museums in the Chicago Tribune

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  • Jane Nicoll
    Dear Friends in Museums: Here is an example of what can happen for us if we continue to send out our stories to news outlets, and to reporter contacts we make
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
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      Dear Friends in Museums:
      Here is an example of what can happen for us if we
      continue to send out our stories to news outlets, and
      to reporter contacts we make along the way. I met
      Patrick Reardon of the Chicago Tribune when he wrote a
      story on Ridge Historical Society--which was cut from
      a story on several museums. I continue to send him
      stories about Park Forest when I think they merit his
      interest, always with a friendly note inviting him to
      visit. I had sent this to my Southwest Bureau of the
      Trib, too. But Patrick sent along a recommendation
      that they cover the story, and here we are. Since
      Patrick had just done a story on the community of
      Rolling Meadows, their 1950s House Museum gets
      covered, too. It does not say so in the newspaper,
      but on the website, you can view several photographs
      and a video clip.
      When you have to rely on the "Big City" papers for
      really good coverage, and to get your message to the
      masses, it can be discouraging to send notices that
      don't get printed. But they do have a cumulative
      effect. Often someone is paying attention and is
      waiting for the right time to do a story.
      We are very lucky to have a man in Park Forest who
      has started an online newspaper, and I am an "author"
      writing stories directly into the site. I have also
      started a blog on that paper, and have put out stories
      on my museum on social networking sites, which show up
      in Google searches. Check out resources like that to
      get the word out on your activities.
      You can check out the onine paper at eNewsPF.com
      If any of you have been wanting to come see our
      museum, this is a great month to do it. The classroom
      is decorated for a 1950s Valentine's Day Party, and
      there are vintage valentine's on the main floor as
      well. It is a pretty cheerful look for these grey
      days of February! We are open Saturdays 1-3 p.m., or
      by appointment, hopefully for small groups. Donation
      is $5 for adults; children 12 and under are free with
      a paying adult. Check us out at

      Memories swell in 1950s house

      In Park Forest house decorated for the decade, Baby
      Boomers have
      discovered the joys of their youth in an emotional
      'trip back home'

      By Joel Hood
      Tribune reporter

      February 3 2008

      In the working-class suburb of Park Forest, where
      history drips from
      the old Eagle Theater downtown and from the broad,
      pitched roofs above
      quiet streets, it would be easy to miss the simple
      house at 141 Forest

      The complete article can be viewed at:

      Visit chicagotribune.com at

      Archivist, Park Forest Historical Society
      Director, 1950s Park Forest House Museum
      Virtual Exhibit at www.parkforesthistory.org
      Park Forest, IL 60466
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