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Re: [IAM_ListServ] Park Forest Historical Society June 3 program on Intentional Integration in a Planned Community

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  • Jane Nicoll
    Thanks, Pat. I think our chances are still good of getting something worked out with the owner of the north half of the rental area. I am a little
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2007
      Thanks, Pat. I think our chances are still good of
      getting something worked out with the owner of the
      north half of the rental area. I am a little
      discouraged that we did not hear from them last week,
      as they had said we would. That would have just been
      a "checking in" call, I think, anyway.
      I am just ready for some good news. If we get two
      units, at least, I think we might be interested in the
      Smithsonian's traveling show on Why people move. I
      heard your talk at AAM. I will worry about that when
      I know if we have any space!
      Have a good holiday!
      --- "Patricia L.Miller" <plmxiha@...>

      > HI Jane. Looks like a great program. I was sorry
      > to hear that you lost your lease on the house,
      > but it looks like you might have some other options?
      > Pat
      > At 10:14 AM 5/26/2007, you wrote:
      > >PARK FOREST, IL 60466
      > >JANE NICOLL
      > >H. 708-481-4252
      > >parkforesthistory1@...
      > >
      > >
      > >The Park Forest Historical Society will be
      > presenting
      > >the second part of the history of integration in
      > Park
      > >Forest at its meeting, Sunday, June 3, 2007, at
      > 2:30
      > >p.m. in the Village Hall Board Meeting Room. Don
      > >DeMarco, who served the Village of Park Forest from
      > >1971 through 1982 as Assistant to the Village
      > Manager
      > >for Community Relations, and then as Assistant
      > Village
      > >Manager, and Barbara Moore, current Director of
      > >Community Relations will speak on their roles and
      > >experiences with, “Intentional Integration in a
      > >Planned Community.”
      > >
      > >Park Forest was peacefully integrated in December
      > >1959, through the actions of a group of citizens on
      > >the Unitarian Universalist Church’s Social Action
      > >Committee. The Village of Park Forest, members of
      > the
      > >Social Action Committee and the Village of Park
      > >Forest Commission on Human Relations worked
      > together
      > >to maintain the peaceful integration of the village
      > >when other towns in Illinois and around the country
      > >were experiencing violence. The February 2007
      > >historical society program covered the integration
      > >history to that point.
      > >
      > >Once integration had taken place, the Village began
      > a
      > >controversial program called, “Integration
      > >Maintenance” in an effort to prevent
      > re-segregation
      > >of the community.
      > >During his eleven year tenure, Don DeMarco focused
      > on
      > >intentionally promoting integration as an
      > alternative
      > >to re-segregation, working both inside and beyond
      > Park
      > >Forest’s borders. Barbara Moore replaced Mr.
      > >DeMarco as the Director of Community Relations.
      > >
      > >Mr. DeMarco served in a similar capacity in Shaker
      > >Heights, Ohio until 1992 when he became executive
      > >director of the Fund for an OPEN Society, a New
      > Jersey
      > >and Pennsylvania-based non-profit equal housing
      > >company offering pro-integrative consulting
      > services
      > >to communities who want to thrive with inclusive
      > >racial diversity. In partial retirement, he now
      > >serves as OPEN’s senior community consultant.
      > Don
      > >and his wife, Loretta now reside in Philadelphia,
      > PA.
      > >Mrs. Moore will be retiring this summer from her
      > >Village of Park Forest position.
      > >
      > >Park Forest Village Hall is located at 350 Victory
      > >Drive in Downtown Park Forest.
      > >The public is welcome to attend.
      > >
      > >For more information on the program or the society,
      > >contact Jane Nicoll at 708-481-4252.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >Archivist, Curator
      > >Park Forest Historical Society
      > >1950s Park Forest House Museum
      > >Virtual Exhibit at www.parkforesthistory.org
      > >Park Forest, IL 60466
      > >parkforesthistory1@...
      > >
      > >
      > >The Illinois Association of Museums is an
      > >independent statewide network of art, history,
      > >and science museums, historical and genealogical
      > >societies, zoos, nature centers, arboreta, and
      > other cultural agencies.
      > >
      > >Yahoo! Groups Links
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > Patricia L. Miller, Executive Director
      > Illinois Heritage Association
      > 602 1/2 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820
      > (217) 359-5600 plmxiha@...

      Archivist, Curator
      Park Forest Historical Society
      1950s Park Forest House Museum
      Virtual Exhibit at www.parkforesthistory.org
      Park Forest, IL 60466
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