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Fw: Save the Date -- Calumet Heritage Conference October 26, 2013

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  • Martin Tuohy
    This upcoming conference Saturday, October 26, at the Pullman State Historic Site (http://www.pullman-museum.org) sounds like something that would interest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2013
      This upcoming conference Saturday, October 26, at the Pullman State Historic Site (http://www.pullman-museum.org) sounds like something that would interest local history librarians, local historical society curators, museum staffers, teachers, and motivated school students.  The ambience of being inside 1881 railroad car assembly shops with freight trains rumbling past might enhance the draw of the sessions themselves. 

      Of course, the designation of a National Heritage Area was the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor, so Illinois folks have some experience and vested interest in this kind of an idea and its achievement.  And it would be too bad if the good Hoosiers from the eastern part of the Calumet Region outnumbered the attendees from the Land of Lincoln at the very place where Robert Todd Lincoln was the company president. 

      Contact calumetheritage@... or mbouman@... for more information.

      Martin Tuohy

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      From: Mark Bouman
      Sent: Aug 29, 2013 2:27 PM
      To: "Mark (H) Bouman"
      Subject: Save the Date -- Calumet Heritage Conference October 26

      Dear Friend of the Calumet Region,

      Please save Saturday, October 26 for the 14th Annual Calumet Heritage Conference to be held in the Pullman State Historic Site in Chicago, Illinois.

      The theme of this year's conference is "Network Calumet: A Heritage Resources Journey".  A web of great and historic neighborhoods like Pullman drapes the region. Great places like this have great stories told by people and the landscape they have made. Stories are enlivened and informed by the region's wonderful archives, libraries, and local history centers. Stitched together, these local resources can shine a light on a regional story of great national import. What the resources are and how they can come together in light of a Calumet Heritage Area -- reintroduced to the region at last year's conference and this spring's Calumet Summit -- will be the subject of presentations, panels, and on-site explorations. Join us for the Journey!

      Please mark the date now.  We'll send updates with registration information, directions, and program by email.  You can follow CHP online at calumetheritage.org or on our Facebook page. And be sure to check in with our new blog, TheCherp.com.

      On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee,

      Mark Bouman
      President, Calumet Heritage Partnership

      Mark J. Bouman, Ph.D.
      Associate Director, Science Action Center
      Science and Education
      The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
      Chicago, IL 60605
      312 665 7466

      Support our Science at http://fieldmuseum.org/donatescience

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