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RE: [IAM_ListServ] Photography at the Museum

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    Hi all, Along with some other challenges that museums are faced with in the area of visitor engagement--this would make a great session for the upcoming IAM
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      Hi all,

      Along with some other challenges that museums are faced with in the area of visitor engagement--this would make a great session for the upcoming IAM Conference in Peoria, October 16-18.  I am wondering if any of you would like to do a session on this subject? 


      Seems like a good one for a roundtable-type session!  The session deadline is past, but, we could certainly make this work if one of you would like to take this on so that we could extend the conversation even further.


      An email blast with the conference registration will be sent this week.  Best,




      Donna Sack, Executive Director, Illinois Association of Museums

      Office: 217.524.6977 


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      It may go without saying (just read the variety of replies...), but there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to this issue. As Diane G. and Davis Mansion indicated, the problems caused by allowing photography outweigh any advantages in historic house museums. At the Fabyan Villa, we offer guided tours, and camera toters disrupt and delay tours if allowed to take photos. In our small Garden, photographers are the bane of our operation--professionals and high-level amatuers think it's OK to do photo shoots during public hours! So we prohibit photography in the Villa and limit photography to point and shoot in the Garden.
      Also,while social media posting of photos may be a bonus in awareness and promotion, you cannot control what is said about the photos, often leading to incorrect information "out there"--a problem we have dealt with for many years. You can get some of this by posting your own photos on Facebook, blogs, etc and/or putting photos of key artifacts/views on your webpage that are copyable.

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      > As a house museum, visitors are interested in photos of the decratve arts. They lag behind the rest of the tour to get a clear shot of the room or the piece they want to photograph. This causes problems with security. Has anyone else encountered this and how was it handled?
      > Sent from Samsung tabletDavid Lewis <dlewisarfm@...> wrote:Sara
      > We "subtly encourage" photography at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum -- reasoning that  photo snapped and shared (and tagged) on Flickr, Facebook, and provides us with great grass-roots advertising.
      > Other (local museums) have gone much further...  Visitors entering last year's "Civil War Days" event at Naper Settlement Museum were offered a flier with the bold heading "Attention all Photographers..." This hand-bill invited visitors to submit (donate) a disk of their photos to the museum (along with an attached photo release) in exchange for a one-year family membership.
      > I thought it was an interesting way to gather hundreds of images, and engage the crowd.
      > - David -
      > David Lewis, Curator
      > Aurora Regional Fire Museum
      > www.AuroraRegionalFireMuseum.org
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      > Subject: [IAM_ListServ] Photography at the Museum
      > Hello Everyone,
      > We are constantly challenged with visitors taking photos in the Museum. We currently have a “No Photography” policy. Can you please share what your policies are and how you’ve changed or adapted with the use of smartphones and Ipads?
      > We did see a great article about Museums allowing photographs of their collection but not loaned pieces or temporary exhibits. Since we’re not a large museum with security guards I’m just not certain about allowing photography in some areas and not others. I feel that even if we explain it once the flood gates are open it will be even more difficult to manage.
      > Any thoughts?
      > Thank you,
      > Sara Arnas
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