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814Illinois State Museum receives Connecting to Collections Grant

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  • Ryan, Niki
    Jun 1, 2009

      Illinois Receives Grant to Develop a Statewide Collections Preservation Plan


      The federal Institute of Museum and Library Services recently awarded the Illinois State Museum Society, representing a consortium of 12 Illinois institutions, a Connecting to Collections Statewide Planning Grant of $40,000 for preservation planning in the State of Illinois .   This is the first time that Illinois museums, libraries, archives, and preservation organizations have worked together to garner federal support for the state's heritage collections. The Illinois State Museum, Illinois State Library, Illinois State Archives, University Library and the Spurlock Museum at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Heritage Association, Campbell Center for Historic Preservation, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lakeview Museum, University of Chicago Library, Morris Library at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Chicago Public Library, and Macomb Public Library worked together to develop the project. 


      The partners will undertake a survey of collections-holding institutions to collect current data on collections and preservation issues.  They will then convene a series of meetings on critical preservation topics with stakeholders from around the state to assess needs and priorities for collections preservation.  The four meetings will be held in different regions and will also be available through interactive videoconferencing to promote broad participation.  They will focus on themes that have emerged from previous national and statewide collections surveys including collections care, disaster preparedness and training, and public preservation awareness.  From these planning meetings, the consortium will develop a comprehensive statewide collections preservation plan and network.


      The collections plan will be designed to implement the recommendations of A Public Trust at Risk: The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America ’s Collections.   This report, produced by Heritage Preservation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2005, revealed that heritage collections are at risk around the country because of factors such as poor environmental conditions and inadequate emergency planning.  The statewide collections preservation plan for Illinois will identify the needs for Illinois collections and will put the state in good stead to receive additional federal funding to ensure the long-term viability of Illinois ' heritage collections.  The network will provide a way for collections-holding institutions to cooperate in emergencies, share best practices, and broadcast opportunities for training and funding.


      For more information on this project, please visit the Illinois State Museum 's Web site (www.museum.state.il.us/research) and select the Illinois Connecting to Collections Project.  To participate in the collections survey or regional meetings, please contact Bronwyn Eves, Project Manager, at the Illinois State Museum (beves@...; 217-524-0498) or Bonnie W. Styles, Project Director, Illinois State Museum (director@...; 217-782-7011).



      Niki Ryan

      Administrative Assistant

      Illinois Association of Museums

      1 Old State Capitol Plaza

      Springfield , IL   62701